Monthly Archives: October 2013

Monthly Archives: October 2013

Goat Milk is Trending

Goat milk, consumed by 65% of the world’s population, is becoming more popular as an alternative to cow milk in the United States. Many families are moving away from consuming cow milk. According to the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of California, Davis, cow milk has a similar percentage of fat to goat milk. Depending on […]

Non-GMO Month – What Does This Mean for You as a Consumer?

By Nikki McCord and Shoshana Romer So Many Terms, But What do They Mean? GMOs, non-GMOs, Organic, Fair Trade, Free Range. There are a lot of buzz words thrown about in the food vocabulary and it’s hard to distinguish what all these terms mean. During non-GMO month, organizations likeJust Label It and the Non-GMO Projecteducate consumers about the […]

National Non-GMO Month – What They Are and Why You Should Care

As a consumer, you have many choices. You can choose to buy a wool or polyester sweater. You can choose to buy a gas or hybrid vehicle. You have the ability to make these choices because these products are clearly labeled. Choosing whether or not you put GMOs in your body is harder. Check the […]

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