Monthly Archives: February 2015

Monthly Archives: February 2015

Black History Month – Strange Fruit

You may have heard Billie Holiday sing about Strange Fruit. Or, you may have heard the version on Sons of Anarchy sung by Katey Sagal. But, did you know what inspired the song? During the summer of 1930, James Cameron nearly lost his life. At 16 years old, he and two other teenage companions were […]

Black History Month – Cowboy Edition

It’s a busy time for MCG, but it’s never too busy to celebrate Black History Month! Rodeo is big in both Texas and Colorado. You’ve probably heard of Bill Pickett, the cowboy and rodeo star. But, have you heard of Cowboy Jim Perry?┬áJim Perry was an African American cowboy and top hand, the highest-ranked cowboy, […]

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