McCord Consulting Group Expands with McCord Speaks

I am excited to introduce you to McCord Speaks, a new offering from McCord Consulting Group. McCord Speaks allows me to talk to audiences and encourage them to break free of the status quo to advance to their next level of development. 

McCord Speaks launched in September 2022 and the response has been fantastic. Here are two testimonials:

“Nikki inspired me to take a step back and consider how I can break down barriers in the groups I lead and invite others to take an active role in reaching our goal.”

Stacey Smith, Associate Professor, University of Colorado – Boulder

“Nikki is engaging, inspiring, and approachable. The information shared during this presentation came at the perfect time in my personal life as I’ve felt stagnate in my adjunct teaching role. Today inspired me to break free of the status quo!”

Hannah Seigel-Proff, Founder, Proff Law LLC & LYRIC

This talk is for: 

  • C-Suite Leaders
  • Board of Directors
  • Newly Forming Teams
  • Established Teams

Audiences who experience this talk will learn:

  • How to authentically establish trust with your team
  • How to make difficult decisions to move your team from mediocrity to excellence

For more information about hosting a keynote with your team, please contact me at I look forward to inspiring you to influence your team in a way that leads to collaborative and better decision making.

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