Establishing Team Cohesiveness

As we close out the first quarter of 2024, I am seeing a lot of teams focus on their abilities to work together and strategize as we get deeper into the year. Many teams are setting short-term goals that will help them realize successes as we race to the middle of the year. Here are three things to think about as you and your team strategize for 2024:


Does your team have confidence in each other to execute a task? Does your team have confidence in you to lead them to success? Team cohesiveness depends on team confidence. It is important to establish confidence in and within your team to realize success.

Don’t Ignore the Hard Stuff

As teams work together, they will discover that there are things that are preventing them from reaching their full potential. Everyone knows the problem exists, but it’s easier to ignore the problem than address it. When you keep ignoring the hard stuff, the work will not get easier, but harder. Find a way to identify and tackle what is holding your team back.

Follow Your Plan

It’s fun to brainstorm a plan. The execution of the plan is harder! After your team has identified a strategy to go forward, create an accountability mechanism that gives team members a task that plays to their strengths, and a realistic timeline for everyone to meet the goal. Set up periodic check-ins to evaluate the successfulness of your plan and if any pivots need to be made.

Head into the middle of the year with renewed vigor, a clear direction, and a cohesive team to meet your goals!

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