Mission Statement Refresh

A mission statement refresh is a great opportunity to review your current mission statement to see if your organization should go through an exercise to revise the mission statement. During your refresh statement, take note of the following:

Make Sure All The Right People Are In the Room

The mission statement refresh should be attended by all board directors and key staff, including the executive director and program manager. The mission statement governs all activities of the organization and both the board and the executive director should be in agreement on any changes made to the statement.

The Mission is Repeatable

Quick, recite your mission statement right now! If you, as an executive director or board director, can not recite your mission statement word for word, as it is written, it may be time to go through a mission statement refresh. If your mission statement is using outdated language or is too lengthy, it will be difficult for your board to talk about the organization in an authentic way.

We’ve Strayed From Our Mission

Does your mission statement say you serve everyone in your city yet your programs serve everyone in your region? You have mission creep. A mission refresh is an opportunity to either change your programming to line up with your mission statement, or change your mission statement to evolve with the needs of your community.

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