Monthly Archives: April 2014

Monthly Archives: April 2014

Water Water Everywhere!

Water is a very valuable resource that we shouldn’t take for granted. We drink it, bathe in it, recreate in it. That’s why water quality and quantity are important things to always think about.¬†An associate I know started a podcast called The Water Values about water that’s very interesting. I took the time to listen […]

Equal Pay for Equal Work

  April 8 was Equal Pay Day at the State Capitol. 9 to 5 Colorado and the Women’s Foundation highlighted the gap in pay among women and people of color. Currently, women earn $0.77 for every dollar made by a man. It’s important to bring awareness to the issue. But, what can you do to […]

Opening Day

I’ve never been to an opening day of baseball, but I do enjoy going to baseball games. There’s nothing like sitting in the summer sun, having a cold beverage, and cheering for the home team. Opening day marks a new beginning and a fresh start. I like that opening day happens in the spring when […]

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