Category: Colorado Strong

Category: Colorado Strong

Good Things Are Coming

In this unprecedented time of global pandemic, I wanted to take some time to provide a message of hope. There will be a lot of changes in the future. All we can hope for is that we remain nimble and creative to find ways to work differently so that we can come through this challenge. […]

Equal Pay for Equal Work

  April 8 was Equal Pay Day at the State Capitol. 9 to 5 Colorado and the Women’s Foundation highlighted the gap in pay among women and people of color. Currently, women earn $0.77 for every dollar made by a man. It’s important to bring awareness to the issue. But, what can you do to […]


It’s fun to see the City of Denver United in Orange for this weekend’s AFC Championship game. Everyone in the city is on the same page and rooting for the same team. McCord Consulting Group was excited to be a part of the FearLess Revolution this week with Alex and Ana Bogusky. During their talk […]

Boulder Flood Recovery

The MCG team was fortunate to escape the Boulder Flood unscathed. However, many residents and businesses weren’t so fortunate. When fortune smiles on you, it’s nice to do something for others. That’s why MCG is teaming up with the Boulder Small Business Development Center to assist Colorado businesses affected by the flood. MCG team members […]

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