Monthly Archives: January 2014

Monthly Archives: January 2014

The Resilience of Cory Remsburg

If you watched the State of the Union this week, you heard the remarkable story of Cory Remsburg. After being injured in Afghanistan, he was in a coma, came out of the coma, and then spent months in rehabilitation. All of that hard work earned him a place of honor at the State of the […]

Celebrating MLK Day

This week MCG joined the rest of the country celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. What struck me during my day of reflection is that one person, partnered with like-minded individuals, was able to change the course of history. It’s quite ambitious to think that any one person has the […]


It’s fun to see the City of Denver United in Orange for this weekend’s AFC Championship game. Everyone in the city is on the same page and rooting for the same team. McCord Consulting Group was excited to be a part of the FearLess Revolution this week with Alex and Ana Bogusky. During their talk […]

And…They’re Off!

With the first day of session and the Governor’s State of the State Address behind us, the 69th Colorado General Assembly is officially underway. This year, legislators have indicated they will be focusing on issues related to our devastating fire and flood natural disasters, education, rural communities, and a revisit of the contentious gun reform. […]

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