Monthly Archives: June 2019

Monthly Archives: June 2019

Dealing with a Problematic Board Director

In 2014, the #ExeronatedFive (nee: #CentralParkFive) received a multi-million dollar settlement from the State of New York for their wrongful conviction and imprisonment related to the case of the rape and battery of Trisha Meili. Linda Fairstein, the prosecutor in the case, has come under fire in 2019 following the success of Ava DuVernay‚Äôs film, […]

Retreat In June

June is a great month for your board to hold its annual retreat. The school year has ended and people are generally in town before they leave for summer vacation. The board retreat is a time for board directors to participate in team building, reflection, and forward thinking in a relaxed setting. A board retreat […]

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