Category: Board Governance

Category: Board Governance

Hitting a Home Run in Foreign Business Expansion

Last month, I got to meet some of the foreign companies who visited Denver with the Denver Global Landing Pad to learn about ways in which they could expand their businesses to the area. What I heard over and over again was that people in Denver were not only willing to have conversations with these […]

Celebrating 10 Years of McCord Consulting Group

McCord Consulting Group turns 10 years old this month! Thank you for being a former client, thank you for being a future client, and thank you for your support through the years. As McCord Consulting Group expands into Panamá and McCord Speaks continues to grow, I wanted to give you this little video treat to […]

A New International Branch of McCord Consulting Group

I am proud to introduce you to the newest branch of McCord Consulting Group. I have opened a branch in Panama and I am excited to tell you more about the business consulting offerings that will be available there. This is a dream several years in the making and I am thrilled to offer the […]

My Board is Resisting DEI. What Can I Do as the CEO?

While facilitating a workshop, an attendee asked me what they should do if the CEO’s desire to embrace diversity, equity, and diversity does not match the Board’s willingness to implement DEI policies. It is the responsibility of the Board to set the direction of the organization. Through strategic planning and visioning, the Board defines what […]

Part II: Shake Up Organizational Leadership

Back in August 2019, I encouraged board of directors to have the courage to shake up the status quo and hire an organizational leader who would be a bold, capable – albeit non traditional – choice. I specifically talked about Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, who would have been the first woman and non-American head of the World […]

2020 Lessons to 2021 Successes

2020 taught us a lot of lessons. But what good is a lesson if you don’t change your behavior? As we look to 2021, let’s take the lessons we have learned and apply them to future successes. Board diversity is more than hollow words During the summer of 2020, the United States had a national […]

Where Do We Go From Here?

  After publishing last month’s newsletter, several of you reached out to me personally, asking what you could do to dismantle systemic racism in our country. Here are two actions you can implement today: Take DEI Training Every Year Taking one training on diversity, equity, and inclusion does not make you proficient. Remember how you […]

Retreat to Move Forward

Many organizations use the month of January to welcome new board directors and look towards the year ahead. In that forward looking, the organization should also start planning for its annual retreat. The annual retreat usually takes place at the beginning of the third quarter and provides the board an opportunity to benchmark the success […]

Community Job Growth and Board Recruitment

Many cities are experiencing job growth across the country. While communities grapple with decisions on how to adapt to this growth in jobs and people, nonprofits see this growth as an opportunity to recruit diverse board representation. When people move to a new area with no established roots or networks, they seek a way to […]

Prevent a Rubber Stamping Board

Rubber stamping boards are boards that approve whatever is presented with little discussion. A rubber stamping board is a board that is not energized. Because there is a lack of energy, board directors are missing out on their opportunity to support the mission of the organization, share the purpose of the organization, and use the […]

Mandating Gender Parity on Boards

In 2018, the state of California took a bold stance. The state became the first in the nation to pass a law that requires publicly traded companies to include women on their board of directors. This law is a baby step forward in making boards more diverse and equitable. The act requires corporate boards, by […]

Shake Things Up When Choosing a New Organizational Leader

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is an impressive woman. She is the former Finance Minister of Nigeria and was a World Bank development economist, eventually being promoted to Managing Director – the number two position at the World Bank. Earlier this year, she was considered a front runner to head the World Bank after former President Jim Young […]

Dealing with a Problematic Board Director

In 2014, the #ExeronatedFive (nee: #CentralParkFive) received a multi-million dollar settlement from the State of New York for their wrongful conviction and imprisonment related to the case of the rape and battery of Trisha Meili. Linda Fairstein, the prosecutor in the case, has come under fire in 2019 following the success of Ava DuVernay’s film, […]

You Can’t Fake Diversity Work

How you gonna have a corporate meeting that Beyoncé deems to grace with her presence and not have a single black face in the room?! Reebok learned the hard way that the lack of representation cost them millions of dollars when Beyoncé walked out of the meeting and took her Ivy Park label to Adidas. Reebok denies […]

Responsibilities of Board Directors – Financial Oversight

One of the responsibilities of a board director is to ensure the financial oversight of the organization. While many directors understand their duties as it relates to fundraising, it is important that a board director understands the financial health of the organization as well. This includes understanding the budget for the year, the sources of […]

2019 Board Goals

Now that a new year is upon us, it’s time to think about what your board and organization wants to accomplish in the new year. In thinking about your board goals, at a minimum, your board should go through a Board Governance 101 session. A Board Governance 101 session will acquaint your board and your […]

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Everything! 2018 was an exciting year for McCord Consulting Group and I hope you had a fruitful year as well. Enjoy the holiday season and get ready for more tips, advice, and support for all of your governance, recruitment, and diversity needs from McCord Consulting Group in 2019! […]

Ignoring Your Duty of Care

Duty of care is one of the fundamental legal responsibilities of a board director. In short, duty of care means that both individual board directors and the board as a whole should pay attention to and care about the organization’s activities and operations. While this seems easy in theory, board directors seem to have a […]

Creatively Serving on Arts Boards

‘Creatives’ is the buzzword that seems to be everywhere in our current lexicon. Creatives describes those who are willing to think outside of the box to make our daily lives more efficient, more effective, and more beautiful. Creatives describe the writers who pen opinion pieces that allow us to understand different perspectives in a language […]

So Your CEO Went Rogue! Now What?

Jack Dorey, Elon Musk, and Papa John are three CEOs who have been in the news lately for going rogue, impacting their companies’ profits and causing headaches for their board of directors. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, has been criticized for continuing to give Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist, racist, and Sandy Hook denier, […]

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