Category: federal government

Category: federal government

COVID-19 Related Small Business Assistance

  I am eager to resume my newsletter’s focus on workforce and board of director diversity. However, I think there is a more pressing need for information about how organizations can access resources to weather this COVID-19 storm. Please find some resources I hope will be helpful to your business during this economic downturn. Continue […]

African American Firsts in the Federal Government

As of this writing, the federal government has reopened until February 15, 2019. 800,000 federal employees were not paid for over a month during our nation’s longest federal government shutdown. I feel deep sorrow for the employees and contractors who were affected by the shutdown. I hope they all receive their back pay and an […]

Quit Yellen! She’s Got This!

March is Women’s History Month! Let’s start the month learning more about Janet Yellen, the first female Federal Reserves Chair. Yellen has an impressive background. After earning her degree at the University of California at Berkeley, she received her doctorate in economics from Yale University.  She previously worked at the central bank as an international […]

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