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McCord Consulting Group provides customized consulting services to for-profit and nonprofit entities that includes board of director governance training, board of director development, organizational diversity training, and organizational advocacy.

The MCG Difference

A Full Service Consulting Agency

Working both virtually and in person, we are a full-service consulting firm, specializing in facilitation and training in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion, board of director governance, and strategic facilitation.

The MCG Difference

A Full Service Consulting Agency


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

McCord Consulting Group is a subject matter expert on diversity and inclusion issues. Meeting people where they are at, we help groups create a foundation to understand diversity, equity, and inclusion. This comprehension demonstrates to current and future employees, customers, and stakeholders the purpose and overall intention of diversity as it relates to a distinct organizational culture.

Strategic Facilitation

We bring enthusiasm, emotional safety, and structure to meetings – giving groups permission to execute bold ideas to change communities and the world. Using innovative problem solving techniques, McCord Consulting Group guides teams to prioritize the most impactful actions and sets them on a path to immediate implementation the moment the facilitated session is complete.


Board Governance

Tailored to the needs of the individual organization, McCord Consulting Group leads Board of Directors through their roles and responsibilities as they relate to both the mission of the organization and the job of the CEO. Incorporating diversity and inclusion into all training reinforces its importance in sustaining innovative and relevant institutions.

MCG Team

Meet the team.

MCG Team

McCord Consulting Group principals have been in the governmental affairs, business consulting, and board development fields since 2004.

With a notable career in the legislative field, some highlights for the MCG team include:

  • Senior Director of Communications & Legislative Affairs at Scofes & Associates Consulting, Inc. – This powerful governmental affairs firm specializes in representing Fortune 500 companies in fourteen states with offices in Michigan, Illinois and Washington D.C.
  • Legislative Advisor for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality – this position, appointed by former Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm, helps the Department regulate air, land, and water policies in the State of Michigan.

Additionally, the team has worked on educational and labor policy at the Colorado General Assembly, bringing a unique expertise and proven lobbying style to the West.

The team has consulted with organizations looking to implement organizational change from board of director engagement to recruitment of minority employees and board directors that is culturally competent and supportive.

MCG’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from The University of Notre Dame and a Masters of Public Policy from Michigan State University.

Ms. McCord’s civic and professional board participation includes the Boulder Housing Partners Board, the Community Affairs Council of the Boulder Chamber, and the Boulder Philharmonic. Ms. McCord is the past President of the Notre Dame Club of Denver and she is the Diversity Council Region West Director for the University of Notre Dame. She has been named a Boulder ‘Young Pro to Know’ by the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.


Is the Window Closing on DEI Interest?

I’ve been consulting with businesses for nearly a decade on the topic of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. But, the topic has become wildly popular to a larger number of individuals in the past three months. Practitioners in this space know that the window of interest for this topic will only be open for so long before it closes again. We can see how quickly our feelings change about important issues in this tweet about teachers in the midst of COVID.

It didn’t take long for the sentiment to change from teachers being heroes to teachers being selfish. DEI practitioners know they will not be spared from similar sentiments – especially as organizations realize the work, accountability, and money that is required to make their policies and systems diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

As your business continues to embark on your DEI journey, keep the faith. You are going through a process of unlearning. Imagine spending years learning the proper form of ‘usted’ in Spanish just to learn from a Spaniard that ‘usted’ is not used colloquially. Not only have you spent time learning something that is not relevant to your travel to Spain, but you now need to train yourself to unlearn something you spent so much time learning. Sound familiar? Your team may have spent time and money creating a system in which you are proud (National Parks System), only to learn that this system was detrimental to the people who were murdered and displaced to create it (Indigenous peoples). And now that you have this understanding, it is your responsibility to find ways to mitigate the harmful effects of the system you were so proud to create. Looking back, it would have taken less time and money to collaborate with Indigenous people from the beginning rather than creating a system that didn’t include them….unless cruelty was the point.

Continue to do this work. Continue to pay the people who are leading you through your efforts. Continue to make these changes. Don’t be lured into exalting DEI work before you eventually vilify it. It’s the only way we will truly see change.

For more information on board governance and organizational diversity, follow along on Twitter or Instagram. Nikki McCord is the founder of McCord Consulting Group, the only choice for organizations looking to energize, innovate, and diversify their boards and organizations.


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Based in the Business Capitol of the West

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