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McCord Consulting Group is a boutique Governmental and Business Consulting firm dedicated to growing profits and influence of mid-sized companies.  MCG provides customized, personalized business and governmental consulting services to clients which includes board development & management, executive network development, organizational advocacy, and policy development.

The MCG Difference

A Full Service Consulting Agency

We are a full-service, government relations and business development firm, specializing in issue advocacy and educational campaigns.

The MCG Difference

A Full Service Consulting Agency

  • McCord Consulting Group opens new doors for our clients with innovative approaches and strategic thinking.
  • Our experience and knowledge fosters an understanding of the legislative and Executive Branch processes and possess a comprehensive understanding of the legislative, regulatory, and political issues that affect policy decisions.
  • We have an extensive network of contacts we can call upon to deliver results.
  • We help our clients navigate the increasingly complex political environment, securing the necessary changes to shape policy and achieve goals.
  • We work with our clients to analyze their business, identify their goals, anticipate any future issues that might develop, and assist them in implementing a timely and an effective government and business relations strategy.
  • We develop innovative solutions tailored to address specific challenges for our clients in a cost-effective manner.
  • We identify our clients’ allies, establish formal and informal relationships with them, and deliver our clients’ messages to the decision makers who can impact the policies that affect their business.
  • Unlike the large government relations/public affairs “mills” in Colorado, McCord Consulting Group provides personalized and individual solutions to our clients’ unique business needs.
  • When given an assignment, we produce–quickly. Our clients never get lost in the bureaucracy of a public relations behemoth.

MCG Team

Meet the team.

MCG Team

McCord Consulting Group principals have been in the governmental affairs, business consulting, and board development fields since 2004.

With a notable career in the legislative field, some highlights for the MCG team include:

  • Senior Director of Communications & Legislative Affairs at Scofes & Associates Consulting, Inc. –  This powerful governmental affairs firm specializes in representing Fortune 500 companies in fourteen states with offices in Michigan, Illinois and Washington D.C.
  • Legislative Advisor for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality – this position, appointed by former Michigan Governor, Jennifer Granholm, helps the Department regulate air, land, and water policies in the State of Michigan.

Additionally, the team has worked on educational and labor policy at the Colorado General Assembly, bringing a unique expertise and proven lobbying style to the West.

MCG’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from The University of Notre Dame and a Masters of Public Policy from Michigan State University.

Ms. McCord’s civic and professional boards include the Community Action Programs Board of Boulder County. Ms. McCord also sits on the Community Affairs Council of the Boulder Chamber which advises the Boulder Chamber Board of Directors on local policy issues. Ms. McCord is the past President of the Notre Dame Club of Denver, serving more than 2,000 Denver area members. She was appointed a commissioner of the Boulder Housing Partners in 2014. She was named the November 2015 Boulder Young Pro to Know by the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.


How to Be an Ally Resources

I was honored to be asked to present a webinar for XY Planning Network titled How to Promote Diversity within Your Organization. XY Planning Network is the leading organization of fee-only financial advisors who are dedicated to serving the needs of Generation X and Generation Y clients. At the end of the webinar, I was asked to provide additional resources for people to access to learn more about how to be an ally to specific groups. These resources are great for any organization whether it is your workplace or your Board of Directors. I’m excited to share them with you this month.


NPR Code Switch – Lifted word for word from their website, “We’re a team of journalists fascinated by the overlapping themes of race, ethnicity and culture, how they play out in our lives and communities, and how all of this is shifting.” NPR Code Switch is a great way to learn about race from smart people of color who relate to the world by way of different perspectives.


The National Center for Women in Technology may give advice that is directed towards the tech industry, but let’s face it, most industries are dominated by males. So, if you’re a male in a male dominated industry and you want to be an ally to your female co-workers, check out: Start Small, Start Now: Seven Bias Interrupters Male Allies (Or Anyone Really) Can Start Using Today


When those in majority populations want to learn about allyship, it’s important to listen to the affected communities first, to understand what allyship means to minority populations. Jenn T. Grace identifies as a lesbian and has some good tips about what allyship means to the LGBTQIA community and what being an ally to a community in which you do not belong means as well.


Sometimes there’s no set of instructions on how to be an ally to a particular group. If you’ve ever had a language immersion experience, you know that best way to become proficient in the language is complete exposure. The same can be said about millennials. Check out the podcast Back to Work, which talks about work and life from a millennial perspective.


VET NET Ally Program  – I like this resource because it talks not only about veterans and military families transitioning to academic and professional life, but there is also a component about allyship.

People with Disabilities

This article on Mashable gives practical tips on how to be an ally to people living with disabilities. Check it out here:

For more information on board governance and board diversity, follow along on Twitter or Instagram. Nikki McCord is the founder of McCord Consulting Group, the only choice for organizations looking to energize, innovate, and diversify their Board of Directors.


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Based in the Business Capitol of the West

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