Category: black history month

Category: black history month

YWCA Cabaret Gala – We Gonna Be Alright

I am so excited for the Cabaret Gala tomorrow night! I am delighted that I am being honored as a 2016¬†YWCA Community Champion. I am also excited to be grouped with Peter Braun, Sharon Caulfield, and State Senator Rollie Heath. This week, I reflected on what it means to me as a black woman to […]

YWCA Cabaret Gala – Why I think women ROCK!

This weekend, I will be honored by the YWCA of Boulder County next to some pretty remarkable people. This week, I am using my platform to reflect on what it means to be a black woman striving to uphold the tenants of the YWCA of eliminating racism and empowering women. Today, I will answer a […]

Congrats to the YWCA Cabaret Honorees!

McCord Consulting Group would like to extend congratulations to Nikki McCord’s fellow YWCA Honorees. MCG encourages you to support the YWCA of Boulder County and purchase a ticket! Saturday, February 27, 2016 6 pm ¬†– 10 pm Glenn Miller Ballroom, Boulder, CO $100 per person The YWCA of Boulder County invites you to a night […]

Black History Month – Strange Fruit

You may have heard Billie Holiday sing about Strange Fruit. Or, you may have heard the version on Sons of Anarchy sung by Katey Sagal. But, did you know what inspired the song? During the summer of 1930, James Cameron nearly lost his life. At 16 years old, he and two other teenage companions were […]

Dr. Carver & The Peanut

Today is the last day of Black History Month. Let’s take a look at a Black History Month staple, Dr. George Washington Carver and his contributions to the organic farming world. Dr. George Washington Carver’s agricultural research into peanuts and soybeans is legendary. His research was used to help poor farmers grow these alternative crops […]

Who Do You Love?

Valentine’s Day, Stout Month, and Black History Month! How do you connect these wonderful things that happen in February? Well, MCG, being a true Colorado company, loves (Valentine’s Day Reference) craft beer. Mountain Sun Brewery, a great local pub, celebrates Stout Month every February and we love to grab a pint and participate. But, how […]